Friday, February 26, 2010

Ladies, not sure if you're aware, but there is a serious creeper behind you!

Oh really!


It's impressive, I guess, but WHY?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!

Hey! Go be my fan on facebook!

A real love letter!

This was sent in to me by a new reader. Thank you and you're welcome! Let me know if you find yourself on here ever!



So....Last night in conversation, a friend was telling me she saw a few of our frinds on your site. I kept thinking she was talking about Milwaukee Nights for some reason, but then was like no...I'm talking about Mockwaukee. I had never heard of your site before, so what else do I do on a Sunday but sit and veg on the good 'ol pc, so I thought I would check it out. I have been on your site for over an hour now...DYING!! Why, oh why haven't I thought of this idea before?!?!? Kudos! Like this is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time. I have seen friends and co-workers on your site and.... HILARIOUS!!! I like that you aren't mean just to be mean, but are just stating the obvious in the funniest way! I hope one day I meet you in passing and have enough time just to shake your hand! Keep up the good work!!!!!


I'm glad someone has something nice to say!

Sorry, if there are spelling mistakes in this response, but the gerbil up my ass tickles!

Check these ladies out....

Now allow me to retort:

1. There is a difference between having tan or olive-toned skin from ethnicity and having radioactive looking orange skin from a bottle or tanning booth. No one is being fooled here, so please, I beg you, stop wasting your time.

2. Person who left the second comment, please ask a grownup to proof read your comments before you post them to make sure they make sense. Is a gerbil not an organism?

3. Whether that's your natural skin color (lol!) or not, let's not fail to notice the fact that this was a double insult. I mocked both your color AND the slutty length of your dresses!

Please, by all means, respond to that. I could use another laugh today!



New purpose of Mockwaukee:

Mockwaukee now exists to draw more attention to people and make them look hotter than they already are!

You're welcome.



Hey, look! Someone got insecure and threw a fit!

I just want to take this time to remind people that this site is for ENTERTAINMENT and FUN.

Take deep breaths, people!

If you're all about just going out and having fun and not caring what other people think, stop having a hissy if it gets caught on film and you end up on here!

Check it out!

Too bad he's gonna be on blast for a while on here now!

Reader Submission!

Reader-submitted caption: KEEP SPREADING THE LOVE SISTA!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh man.


Wanna see how I get tips?

There are some things that are hot...

And there are some things that are not...!

That's right, hun! Make mom and dad proud!

We believe that they are naturally like that. We're sure it's not a pickup bra. Yep!

This is SERIOUS dedication to your NYE plans!


F*#$ you! It's perfectly acceptable to bring a stuffed animal into the club with me to ring in the new year!

Who else would I kiss?

Top shelf! High class! Better take a picture!

Your turn!

Write the caption on this one!

So... Guys who have taken her home... Do you worry about your pillowcases?

I brought my bowling ball to my NYE celebration, too.

It's a Friday in January in Wisconsin. Do you know where your pants are?!

These girls mean business!

I am not sure what business they mean, but they mean it!

It's been a while, so in case you forgot what classy girls do, here's an image for ya!

Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I was the chick on the left!

Aww, cute! It's almost as classy as the champagne thing!

Is this shirt some sort of uniform?

Also, I saw this shirt at least three hundred times before this post. Let me guess... Express?

Hey, look at my armpit!

It's hot. Pun intended!


Girl on the left? Pretty terrified.
Girl on the right? Not scared.

What's up with that?

Uhhhh, I think you forgot something.

Also, your shoes don't match. AT ALL!

"Don't be nervous, pretty girl! When you get to the end of the runway, grab your head and your boob, and everything will be ok."

Why is she doing that?

This should never have occured.

I don't even understand what is going on.

This is what I imagine this conversation to be:

Righty: "I'm THIS big!"
Lefty: "Damn, I need to find someone else to take home!'

Could someone please tell me where to get one of these shirts, and how much of the $ ACTUALLY goes to help Haiti disaster relief?

Cute shirt!!! What message are you REALLY trying to send here?

I think these girls got really pissy the last time I put them up for posing heavily like this.

Seems like as good a reason as any to do it again!

Just relax and have fun, ladies! It will make you look hotter. I promise.

Two "Free Love Inquire Within" shirts in one group? I never thought I'd see the day!

Oh, wait. Hers doesn't SAY that...

In case you needed an illustration to refresh your memory on the definition of "class...."

We love you too!

The addition of the "press wall" at Notte might be one of the best things to happen to

How many pictures of this awkwardness are really necessary?


Do you think the guy on the right knows that his head looks like that?!

Are these guys miming titty twisters?

Good thing that one girl is here to make sure that the middle chick isn't showing too much leg.

It SAYS "Notte," but this was really taken at Texture, right?


This was on a "How to Pose Like a Classy Lady" episode on America's Next Top Model.

Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

AH! Look! He's eating! Who eats?! (Or something else snarky about this guy who took it REALLY personally that he was on Mockwaukee!)