Friday, August 28, 2009

Aww, cute little bromance.

Do you think the reason that he looks terrified is because he's 45 years old and dancing with a girl at SUGAR?

It's ten pm. Do you know where your pants are?

Hey, look! Debbie Harry was at Decibel!

Oh no! Did Walt Disney throw up on your arm!?

I am truly sorry that your outfit got caught in the garbage disposal, but perhaps you shouldn't have still worn it.

Act like a lady!

The image below is rated NC-71.

If you're color blind, try to make friends with at least one friend who is not.

Sir, I am not sure if you're aware, but there seems to be a tree trunk growing out of your shoulder.

What's up, Cock?

When animals attack: Volume II

Perhaps that collar belongs on whoever/whatever attacked your shirt.

When I saw this guy, I ran... I ran so far away....

I don't think you can be the king of the world if your friend's finger is in your anus.

Dear Seville Media/Rafal,

Can we please put an end to this disturbing trend of taking pictures of gross ass tattoos?



Mr. Clean has really taken "creepy" to a whole new level.

Mr. Yuck is right!

I don't know if I should be disgusted, disturbed, turned on, or concerned for this woman's health.

I think this is the "I forgot to wear deodorant" face.

So do we think this guy is afraid of her hair, or just afraid of girls in general?

I thought mullets were supposed to be business up front and party in the back?

That is not business.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The girls on the outside are sad that the girl in the middle is having more fun than them.

Haven't seen a tender moment in a while....

Holy shit. That is all.

That tat is going to look pretty F'ing fantastic after a baby or two. Plus, your companion has a garbage can on her head.

I hope Jazz Hands Smith here is doing the robot.

I missed the dance recital. Shit.

Is it Douchebag Hunting Season Yet? The guy on the right's antlers might look good on a wall.

These ladies just might embody the term "Texture Tuff."

Wow, Milrock. You made it. People are knocking your shit off!

I see no reason for this. Really?

Someone should tell this girl she's not in her bedroom, and if a cheetah rips your shirt up, it's time to retire it.

It's ten pm. Do you know where your pants are?

And in this episode of "your parents must be really proud...."

If you're classy & you know it, raise your leg......

Not All Cleavage Was Created Equal

Apartment 720 is the perfect place to grow a baby.

I can't even mock this. Too funny!

Jesus Christ on the forearm? Check. Sausage race on the shin? Check?