Monday, July 20, 2009

Usually, people who are dressed as jesters look happier.

For some pictures, there are no words.


A match made in.....

I will let you fill in that blank!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Please tell me that this is a joke.

I know I'm laughing!

Why didn't they just give them Rock Girl bras?

And athletic tube socks with stripper heels? Come on.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I hate it when I forget to wear my helmet out.

It protects me from people who want to beat my ass for wearing a monkey necklace.

I have a spot reserved for you....

in me later....

Are you really licking her hair?


So much class, so little time....

I am sure your parents are proud, and future employers impressed.

This is creepy on several levels.

I think people who hae sex in animal costumes are called "furries." I saw it once on CSI.

Wait... Buck-ini? Or lingerie?

And two bras? Seems like false advertising.

Oh, and P.S. Nice crotch tattoos.

You really can't feel that breeze?

P.S. Nice crotch tat.

Excuse me while I take a dump on your shoe.



Hey, want to see something she'll probably regret!

That'll look good after a baby.

The Kiss Army has Taken Over Milwaukee.

They might need to go back to boot camp.

Your 8-Year Old Sister Called.

She really wants her dress back.

For some pictures, there are no words.

In case you were wondering who is capturing Douchebaggery....

This guy is lettin' ya know.

Fashion kudos

I like how she has a crown on her head, just like the one on top of the virgin Mary on her shirt.

They wanna make love in this club.

Looks like you're having fun, Trend!

Awww, a tender moment at Suite!

I think he is playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with himself.

What is going on with his right hand?

Hey everybody, guess what?

I have elbows, and my friend is grabbing his crotch!

I don't really know what this man is going for.

Is he trying to look attractive? Is this his funny face?

Is he playing a cello that we can neither see nor hear?

Or was my mom right when she said that if you make funny faces, they will stay that way?

Poor guy.

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