Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why would you take your shoes off in the club?!


Does it hurt to bend your arm back that far?

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Aww, another tender moment.


Seriously. She looks good...

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A tender moment with a serial killer...

Right here:


The expressions on the people in the background of this picture are hilarious!

A flock?


Why? Undeserved....


It's been awhile since I've seen someone bust out the leg guitar!

Who brought the blow-up doll?

This guy looks scared. I do not blame him.
Are those two girls (who also look very afraid) supporting all of her weight?

It continues....

I think she's broken or deflating or something. What is that pose?

Thanks (or damn you!) to for providing these visual wonders.

Where's the party?

Look no further!

I am quite sure it is on top of that girl's head.

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Good posture is important, but...

These straight-backed ladies might be taking it a smidge too far.

I wonder if they stand like that to make their breasts seemingly defy gravity? Nah, that could not possibly be it. Nevermind.
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Ok, people....

Just because it is the "blackout party" doesn't mean we can't see you and you can just go unnoticed with wacky expressions!

Every single person in the photo below is laughable!

Wow, the guy getting hugged below must be pretty damn huggable, even though it seems to alarm him!

Next one isn't so bad, just really funny to me for some reason.

Holy Amy Winehouse, batman!

The next one scares me.

Eeesh is right!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I think these mutants are about to make some mini-mutants!

I'm scared again.

This confuses me.

I'm speechless.
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It's Big Gay Bill! LOVE!

He's back!

It's Mr. Mullet from the very first post, but he's incognito. Neato!
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Jazz Hands!

I can tell, this guy's got skills.

Sex Ed Lesson needed again....


Do you really want to hurt me?

Boy George was in Milwaukee?!

What IS that?!?!?

There are many things to which that question could be referring. I'll let you take your pick!

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No Joke.

He's wearing a magenta cumberbund. 'Nuff said, methinks.

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I wish this was a video.

This dancing had to have been incredible.

Raise your hand if you're hanging out with mutants!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wanted: Sex Ed Lesson

Anyone want to tell these two that that's not how it works?

Nevermind. They should probably not breed anyway, especially if it means the pattern on that chick's shirt will reproduce! My eyes! My eyes!

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Brooke Hogan?

I swear that's her in the yellow! No? Who else has THAT much CLASS?

Hefty Hefty Hefty!

No, I am not mocking anyone's size. Is this man wearing a blue garbage bag? Is his torso recyclable? - picture source

Image one was taken on 12-5 for the Suite party....

The girl on the left here...

Has very pretty eyes?


You know you're a spectacular DJ when...

You get booked at clubs because your girlfriend is a hot mess. A famous hot mess who, at times, looks hot, but a hot mess trainwreck nonetheless.

By the way, I don't think Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian. Doesn't liking little boys make someone a pedophile?

Was LL even conscious?
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When I first started this blog...

I told myself that I wouldn't mock anything that someone would be unable to control, like their faces and bodies.

Facial expressions are ok, because that isn't just their faces, but what the people choose to do with them.

It is also acceptable in my mind to make fun of how clothes fit, because those people CHOOSE to put their bodies in those clothes.

Where does ol' girl fit on that continuum?

And if I don't say anything, just put the picture in, am I breaking my rule? (Some things go without saying)

Also, it's a choice she made, right?

You can see more in the Charro Sneak Preview album at

Pose much?

Is Greenshirt about to sing an aria at an Opera House?

And this lady... Ok, we get it. You have a huge rack!

And does this woman think she's Paris Hilton?

Although the poseurs may believe otherwise, all but the Paris HIlton picture (which is from Virgin Media) are from