Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is (not) a very flattering picture.

Why would you press yourself against a mirror?

Oh wait. That is just two girls that look a helluva lot alike and are pressing their stomachs together, which is completely and utterly normal. Nevermind.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have news!

Ok, so big things are suddenly going on for Mockwaukee....

  • One (not so new) is that I have a twitter account - - or click on the link on the right side. If you sign up, and "follow me," you can get texts or whatever when I update, so that you don't have to check the blog and potentially ruin your whole day with the disappointment that either I have not updated (usually due to laziness or feeling like no one reads it!) or that I don't have any material to update with (the current situation).

  • Next thing - thanks to twitter, I have a fly new profile image/icon. If you are a twitter user, please tell @ScottEastman that he is the bomb-diggity for creating such a piece of fine art, fit for display and appreciation in the Louvre. Here it is!

  • Thirdly - To avoid days like today, and to take suggestions from my intelligent readers, I have set up an email addres - Send me your pictures and let me know who to credit. If they are amply funny, you just may see them here in the blog.

  • Fourthly - Whoa. The # of visits to this site increased 900% yesterday. Please keep telling your friends where to look!

  • Fifthly (this is getting to be a long list!) - I am working (with the help of people who've been mocked, even!) to make the lame cropping of the horizontal pictures a thang of the past. Please bear with me - until it is fixed, please just click on the image to see the whole thing for now.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, commenting, and, above all, going out on the town looking like fools to provide myself and the readers entertainment!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you help answer a question for me?

Please look at this whole entire album, and explain how a "fashion show" can have no fashion whatsoever. Or, are we looking at circus fashion?

How big are you?


One of these people just doesn't belong here...

Yikes. What is going on in the middle?

Umm, is standing like this really necessary?

Ok, I am referring to the girl on the left.

This post would be at least 50% funnier if the second picture (which was actually first in the gallery) didn't totally disappear from the gallery in the middle of my posting! Excuse me!?

Someone's onto me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone has something to prove!

"I made you a painting. It's sexual and violent."

I don't know if it's the hands, the outfits/gloves, the stranglehold, or what, but there is something about this photograph that just creeps me out.

Sometimes, when I get really nervous, I stick my fingers in my armpits...

P.S. If it's in B&W, it's art.

I'm such a rockstar that my devil horns outshine my entourage's faces.


I hope she's not flashing in the out-takes. Scary.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I think this is the international signal for "I want an STD."

I bet this lil mama confuses the shit out of Sir Mix A Lot.

Next time,

Put some pants on before you leave the house, please.


Ok, who does the chick on the right resemble?

I want my mommy. &

I think they had a "Designer Who Wore Out His Welcome" Party at Notte!

Come on. Ed Hardy was ugly/tacky from the jump. And now that it's sold at Sam's Club?

Don't BlowUp Dolls Usually Come With Their Mouths OPEN?

Haven't Seen a Display of Class Like This in a While...

Is that shirt serious?

Fake tattoo sleeves?!


So the chick on the left? No ass. Perhaps it was transplanted onto her friend's chest? That was nice of her to share!

It's April 16th. Do you know where your bra is?


These two homies must have had a lot of faith in the skills of the MCs at the Miltown Beatdown.

I Like His Shirt

Seriously, I do! And it looks pretty fly matched up with that red & black Brew Crew hat. Nicely done!

Style Secret

Word on the street is that Ed Hardy is now sold at Sam's Club.
I think that sentence is "Fashionese" for "Stop wearing that tacky garbage!"

Judging by her expression....

This little cutie woke up after a night (or several?) of binge drinking, to be surprised by this tattoo, which I am guessing she will be getting removed in a few years. Oops!

There are a few things in my life that I could go without seeing.

This is most certainly on that list. Eww.