Friday, May 28, 2010

"Hold on a second, man! I haven't even unzipped my fly yet!"

Message to the public from Starbar patrons: WE HAVE FINGERS!

There once was a time when I had never seen this picture.

Can we go back to that time?

It's ok, bro. I'm sure plenty of dudes have to hide their boners during Herbal Essence commercials.

"Reserved... For whoever walks up next!"

The phrase is "SLEEP with one eye open!"

See? No Adam's Apple!

"Ok, I surrender! Just cover up your man boob already!"

Hey, Kryg, I have a new word to teach you!

CROP! But thanks, cuz this is hilarious!

The Earthtones are so in love!

Did Devon Sawa get a sex change?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So did someone put a lemon in the right side of her mouth only?

Also, is he pointing at his own armpit?

Wait.. Did you say you wanted your picture with douchebags?

Or without?

To me, this screams "match made in heaven!"

They even blend in with their surroundings, too!

At long last, they've made camoflage clothing for the patrons at Apt 720!

I personally find what is going on with their arms very confusing.

Hungry? Why wait?

Can someone please tell me whether the girl on the left is wearing pants or not? Pretty please?


Orange girls need love, too.

Yeah.... That's

If you pull her finger, does her hair further expand?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ooh! I have an idea! I'll spray myself fluorescent orange and figure out a face I can make that makes me look idiotic...

then I'll make said face every time a camera is within ten yards! That should help me make more orange friends!

Eat your heart out, so-and-so!

Actually, why don't I just eat your heart? Then I can wear your skin as a suit!....

"I'm here because these girls are fascinating conversationalists."

Apparently a collar-less shirt and tie is a new part of the douchiform.

Bonus accessories: Duck-face girls!

Is being orange and radioactive a necessary part of the dress code here?

Oops! Looks like someone forgot her dignity (Oops, I meant "pants!") at home!

The # of times this guy's tongue is going where his pinky is tonight is....

The number of nostrils you can see up is....

One of my three wishes is that you never wear this again.