Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Blood: Notte Night Lounge

I think you may have dribbled a little bit.

Either that, or you might be sweating profusely.

So close...

Yet SO far away.

I am not fond of this disturbing new trend of putting your money where your mouth is.

It's just a figure of speech, people. GROSS!

Monday, September 28, 2009

People Wearing Sleeveless Motorhead Tees Should NOT be Allowed in Fashion Shows, Unless They Are Taking Notes!

Gotta love...

a little "end of the runway" makeout sesh.

Your skirt may be too short if...

We can see your panties from the front!


I don't think that this is what God had in mind when he invented the Hibiscus.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Ok, people, I need your help!

Please submit pictures! There have to be pics you've taken or seen on facebook that would be great additions to the site!

Please email them to mockwaukee@gmail.com!

You have my word (for what it's worth) that I will let you remain anonymous in the photo credit, if that is what you want! I won't bust out anyone who helps me!

Also, if you see a friend on here, make sure you let them know to come check it out!

Everyone likes to feel famous, and maybe they'll learn something!

And keep coming back - if you go out, you're likely to find yourself here at some point!



I hope this Bro here gets a papercut on his tongue and learns a lesson.

Why would you lick money anyway? Eww.

Evidently, it's Kosher to shit wherever you want at Bootlegger's.

Someone, please, give Popeye here some damn spinach!

Hey, Stud, how many drunk girls who can't keep their eyes open are in the picture with you?

He's so smart!


Yep, STILL matches!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ok, Peeps, You caption this one! Let's see what you got!

"I make it drizzle" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Wallet? I don't need no damn wallet. It's only $4 anyway."


Picking Food Out of your Teeth has Never Been Cuter!


I need more friends who double as tables.

Belting Dad's Shirt Does NOT a Dress Make!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Still Matches.

Her bra strap that shouldn't be showing (or be that color!), her multi-colored shirt... Everything!


Yes, chick in green...

It is terrifying when giant pipes grow out of dudes' heads.

If it is possible to get a disease from looking at a picture, we should all stop what we're doing and make doctor appointments.

Next time, save yourself the trouble and get adhesive tassels.

Here's that huge dude again.

Who let you out of the gym again?

How does someone no one has ever heard of get backup dancers?

I want a backup dancer!

Does she not allow them to wash their hair, in order to make herself stand out in a good way? Are they doing the Thriller dance? So many questions!

And the backup dancers have wannabe's? How is that?

Uh, honey, you're a little old for this.


Now I can cross off "Figure out what the Stanky Leg is" off my to-do list!

Those "Fun Bags" Must Have Been Really Fun - Apparently They Provide Hours of Entertainment!

No, dude, yours are not as big as hers. Keep trying.

If Daisy Duke were dead (is she?), she would be rolling over in her grave.

Trend Alert: Dye Your Hair 40 Different Colors, and It Will Match EVERY Outfit! OMG!>!>!

This face is totally appropriate at Notte.

Goodness gracious there are often some disturbing sites to be seen there (and many other places in the Ill Mil!). And of course, we have the signature trademark lopsidedness....

Monday, September 14, 2009


I went to post this, and see if this was the radioactive-looking girl that I blogged about back in May (because she looks great now, if it is!), and found the old posts, but the pictures are gone! Am I doing something wrong? When I clicked on the pictures individually, it said there was a security violation!

Is www.milwaukeenights.com changing the links or something?

Anyone know?


The middle row of dudes must be invisible.

That's the only way I can make sense of this.


Your purse may be too big if...

You can comfortably fit inside it. I like her style, though.


"Hey, girls, I am doing a series for my coffee-table book. It's called 'Girls Awkwardly Kissing.' You in?"


Is that pose serious? Exactly who would this flatter? It looks painful. Ouch.

And two Remetees?! Ryan Braun, eat your heart out?


If she were performing at Apt 720, her outfit would be considered camouflage.

Elvis reincarnated?


See this girl's stylist if you want to look like your head just caught fire.



I know I'm scared!



Rather than a height requirement, I am pretty sure Texture has an ass circumference requirement.

If there is ever an unexpected eclipse, we know who to blame.